Since 1995, Isotherm GmbH has been your partner for the manufacture and sales of additives,
compounds, and colour batches based on modern plastics. More about Isotherm

  • Additives

    Additives are agents added in
    minimal additions to products
    in order to achieve or enhance
    certain properties.
    Our additives

  • Compounds

    Compounds are mixtures of pure
    plastic raw materials, to which
    fillers, reinforcing materials or
    other additives are added. We
    develop individual compounds
    for many different applications
    according to customer specifications.
    Our compounds

  • Colour batches

    Colour batches on various carrier
    materials, such as PE, PP, PS,
    EVA, and PA, in accordance with
    the latest standards are cleaner
    than raw pigments or liquid paints.
    Our colour batches

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